Modular Courses

Chennai Music Therpay

Modular Courses

Modules available

1. Music Therapy Foundations

2. Psychological Studies relevant to Music Therapy

3. Traditional Healing System

4. Music Therapy Applications

Music Therapy Foundations is the basic module which is mandatory to combine with any other additional module.

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Duration and Time of the Program

Music Therapy Foundations - Min. of 2 - 3 months

Traditional Music Healing System - one month

Music Therapy Applications - One to two  months

Psychological Studies - Min of 2 to 3 months

Classes for all these modules are held online during designated days of the week between 7.30 pm to 9.30 p.m.


Who can join?

1. Any candidate who has passed 12th standard/Higher secondary course in (10+2)  stream

2. Musicologists, Musicians, Psychologists, Medical Professionals, Special Educators, Music Educators, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists,  Alternative and Complementary therapists, Sound engineers

3. Any bachelor degree holder

4. Any candidate who is pursuing a bachelor's degree.

What to expect of classes?

Students can opt for the modular courses if they are hard pressed for time and want to complete basic and advanced courses taking time  to their convenience and in multiple stages. The classes for all the modules are taught as per the curriculum relating to CPMT and PGDMT modules. Students completing all the modules are eligible to obtain CPMT certificate and eventually could take up PGDMT program too. 


How much does it cost?

Music Therapy Foundations  Rs.22000/-

Psychological Studies relevant to Music Therapy  Rs.22000/-

Traditional Healing System    Rs.12000

Music Therapy Applications  Rs.12000/-

An application fee of Rs.300/- and marksheet issue and courier charges of Rs.500/- are common for all the modules in addition to the fees mentioned above


A certificate issued on completion of each module by Chennai School of Music Therapy Pvt. ltd. On completion of all the modules, the candidate is entitled to receive a CPMT certificate on Fundamentals of Music Therapy after taking up the CPMT exams. 



The Modular Course will run subject to admissions.
In the event of  the program cancellation by Chennai School of Music Therapy,  participants will be notified and will be entitled to a full refund.
No refund is allowed if the applicant wants to cancel the participation after payment of fees and the amount  is not transferrable.
Please note that payment of full fees is required for registration and participation in the programme. The fees is accepted by online transfer  only upon admission notice from the school.
Please return this form to Scanned copies as proof for academic attainments ( higher secondary/Bachelor's degree,  address and id proof and soft copy of the photo  have to accompany the filled-in application. The application need not be sent by snail mail/courier
Fees payable in favour of Chennai School of Music Therapy Private Ltd.  by NEFT only. DD/cheque  is not accepted
The School reserves the right to admission  of any student to the course.
Attendance of 80% is required to receive the certificate on completion of the course