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Welcome to Course 1 - Music Therapy Basics and Beyond

The course is for getting started to basics of music therapy and is  open to any one who would like to take up music therapy as a career and would like to know about the subject before taking up a professional course. The course is also for any one who would like to know the  benefits of music therapy and to avail  music therapy services from a qualified music therapist.

The course creates an awareness on what is music therapy and the need for professional training to practice as a music therapist and to build knowledge on  music therapy practices in Indian context.

Learning Objectives of this course is to make the participants understand about

What is music therapy and to clear many misconceptions shrouding the use of the term music therapy
The holistic approach of integrating music therapy services in a hospital with a salutogenic focus in medical care
The Indian music-based theories backing music therapy practice
The Indian Traditional Healing practices and music therapy
The different music therapy methods adopted in clinical practice for therapeutic outcome.
Music Therapy Basics and Beyond

There are five videos on the above topics which also have self-learning exercises to be completed (around 50 minutes)

Course fees:Rs.3500/-

After making the payment, you will get an acknowledgement email which has a link, clicking which takes you to the videos. If not received in inbox, check spam too for the acknowledgement. Sometimes the acknowledgement goes to your spam folder too.

All the five videos are available for viewing through the the course period of one month.

The date of payment of course fees of Rs.3500/- online  is considered to be the date on which the course begins.

Submission of a reflective report on the learning experiences inclusive of self-learning exercises in PDF format only  (1500 words) within one month after the completion of course is mandatory to get a e-certificate of completion of the course (Certificate of Music Therapy Awareness and Training)

For any queries related to the course after enrollment, email

After one month the option to get the e certificate expires if the reflective report is not submitted within one month of completion of viewing the videos.