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Chennai School of Music Therapy

Taking Traditions to Clinical Practice

Veleer Erp Advisory and Consulting

What is the Program About?

This program is a flexible option for mature individuals who have a bachelor’s degree in music or those with degrees in related fields (e.g.,  psychology, special education, occupational therapy, Social Work, Nursing etc.) making a career change as music therapists.  The Post Graduate Diploma  Program prepares the individuals to begin professional  practice of music therapy on the completion of all the music/music therapy courses, competencies, and supervised clinical internship in hospitals/clinics/non-governmental organizations/ rehabilitation centres working on mental health, geriatric care, neurologic rehabilitation, special education etc.   The course also offers mentoring to the PGDMT students  to develop  skills and knowledge for specializations in areas such as oncology, palliative care, research and training. 


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